Achieve Your Goals

SM Services and Management is a name in training and development along side consultancy , and eLearning services, delivering workplace professional development trainings, and non-accredited courses across a range of industries to support the development and growth of individuals and businesses.

From site or industry specific skills to computer basics, cultural awareness and refresher courses, we can create a training and development plan to suit an individual employee or entire team.

Not every training need will fit into an established training qualification, require a nationally recognised qualification, or needs to take valuable staff away from the workplace.

Non-accredited training (or learning) refers to structured learning, that does not lead to a qualification within the Australia Qualifications Framework (AQF) or a recognised qualification. A non-accredited course can help you refine your skills and very valuable in the job market.

Structure and Advantages of Non-Accredited Professional Trainings

SM Services and Management offers several non-accredited training programs and workshops.

  • Non-accredited courses are often shorter in duration, which means that you can gain a new skillset in a short period of time.
  • A non-accredited course can help you refine your skills.
  • Non-accredited courses are still valuable in the job market.
  • You can build on your knowledge and skill.
  • The entrance requirements for non-accredited courses are not as strict as those for accredited courses.
  • Non-accredited programs do not require AQF approval.
  • Non-accredited programs will not attract credit towards awards but may provide an increase in skills, knowledge and application in the work environment.
  • Participants in non-accredited programs will not receive an award as recognition of completion.

Training delivery will be using a customised Learning management system which will enable instructor and learners to be more equipped and ready with solutions.

Whether it’s for one or all your employees, we’ll work closely with you to identify the businesses distinct training requirements and put together a clear plan and materials to meet set goals and outcomes.