Specialised Consulting and Training

SM Services and Management offers a wide range of specialised services in traditional learning and development and  industry training development . We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, and designing high quality training as scalable solutions.

We help business leaders, entrepreneurs, SME’s, and corporations to grow  their organisations through our non-accredited course trainings OR E learning solutions to their own content.

We do not believe in traditional consultation. We do the gap analysis and then provide the training which can help your organisation to rise up.


Change is inevitable in business, large or small. How you respond to that change is paramount to your success. Whether you need to create a vision and mission, improve your performance, develop your people, or manage a change project, we can help.
Through analysis, we uncover gaps in employee training and development needs towards your corporate processes. It is to identify any cracks and helps you enhanced operational development through our professional training solutions.


SM Services and Management has construction segment with proven success to equip your construction business with incredible competencies through our professional skills trainings which are specially designed for construction workforce.
Construction businesses can benefit from streamlining worker training through a virtual learning environment that removes workplace dangers and fear of failure. Our content delivery methods can help construction workers gain skills and knowledge ranging from onboarding training, technical skills training, soft skills training, product/service training, compliance training, and managerial/supervision trainings.

Customised Learning Management Systems

SM Services Management offers customised learning management system (LMS) to suit your organisation’s unique requirements. Our customised LMS assist you with managing organisational learning and development initiative. LMS are designed to ensure improve employee/student engagement, professional development, accelerating employee/student trainings and support organisational goals.
Our LMS solutions are designed to deliver customised training, develop user-generated content, take your employees and students on board faster and help them to learn on self-paced mode.

Training & Development

SM Services Management has a vision to provide professional training through our non-accredit courses to help growing individuals and companies to maximise capabilities.
SM Services and Management is providing quality training and workshops to better the lives of thousands of individuals through a wide range of learning programs.SM Services will match your organisational goals with our non-accredit courses to ensure you receive the desired outcome.


Brands should be developed with a digital-first mentality to perform first and foremost in the modern digital landscape. People spend the most time with your brand on your website, social media, and across countless digital channels. We help you to grab attention of clients, engage and differentiate yourself from a relentless and unfriendly swarm of competitors. Our competitive training will equip you to analyse the competitive space by identifying your brand position and its digital placing.